Comprehensive and Proactive: Employee Benefits from Argo

Successful owners know that great employees fuel their company's growth. Employee benefits are a way of attracting and retaining the kind of employee that reflects your vision and builds your business.

However, managing the options and containing the costs of employee benefits can be a time-consuming and complicated undertaking. That's where Integro Insurance Brokers can help.

We do more than just negotiate the best rates for our clients; we work closely with them to help manage the employee benefits program. We help employers plan, budget, and communicate the value of their benefit program to employees. We also provide compliance support and act as a benefit advisor. Above all, we protect your interests so small issues don't become big (costly) concerns.

How we create your benefits package

Integro Insurance Brokers' multistep process for designing and implementing a benefits package ensures we fully meet the needs of your company and your employees. We take the following steps with every client to address your health plan objectives:

  1. Identify objectives
  2. Review and evaluate current benefits
  3. Provide broad access to products and services
  4. Analyze claim trends and recommend changes
  5. Manage the renewal process
  6. Assist in employee education
  7. Assure legal compliance

Whether your organization is a small business with only a few employees or a large multi-state company with complex offerings, Integro Insurance Brokers will help you manage your employee benefit plan in an innovative and cost effective manner.

Administration Services
  • COBRA Administration
  • Flexible Benefits Administration
  • Third Party Administration
  • Consolidated Billing Services
  • On-line Enrollment

Cost Management

  • Contribution Strategies
  • Imputed Income
  • Trend Analysis
  • Experience & Financial Reporting
  • Reserve Calculations
  • Self Funded Claim Audit
  • Benefit Surveys


  • State Mandates

Employee Benefits Core Offerings:

  • Medical (HMO, PPO, EPO, POS, HSA, HRA, HDHP, CDHP)
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Chiropractic & Acupuncture
  • Life and AD&D
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • State Mandated Disability (DBL)
  • Employee Assistance Plans
  • Travel Accident
  • Wellness
  • Flexible Benefits
  • Pre-paid Legal
  • Voluntary Plans
Customized Executive Benefits
  • Long Term Care
  • Long Term Disability
  • Key Person Life Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Fully Insured Plans
  • Partial Self Funding
  • Self Funding
  • Alternative Funding
  • Multi-state Plans
  • International Plans
  • Association & Trust Plans
  • Union & Labor Plans