The Integro Approach to Business Insurance

Integro Insurance Broker's three-step approach to business insurance consistently delivers insurance solutions at a lower cost than our competitors. By focusing on preventing and aggressively managing claims, we can lower your direct, indirect, and overall operating costs.

Our three-step approach:

1. Preventive Services
Our primary objective is to prevent claims before they occur-by focusing on physical hazards that could impact the safety of your premises, equipment, employees, and visitors. When we identify unsafe conditions and acts that could lead to claims, we provide solutions to reduce your overall exposure to loss.

2. Claims Management
On average, 50 cents of every premium dollar goes to pay claims-so handling claims correctly gives you control over premium expenses. That's why more than 20 percent of our staff is dedicated to managing the claims process and achieving timely and equitable resolutions.

3. Risk Transfer Techniques
What's your "appetite" for risk? Our hands-on relationship with our clients helps us identify both insurance and non-insurance solutions to further reduce your costs and increase your cash-flow flexibility.

Our approach will not only help you develop a safer, more productive work environment, we'll help you free up valuable resources you can reinvest into your business.